Bitcoin Gold Price Chrome Extension

Coding / Lab

This Was just a fun undertaking of a Chrome Extension to deliver Bitcoin Gold Pricing info. I look forward to undergoing a huge overhaul aimed at deliverng additional Currency prices and features.

Work 1
Work 2

Website Migration

I Did the initial website migration from a website to a self-hosted WordPress installation on the clients server.

Website Development / WordPress Theme Modification

Client desired a website to showcase her skills/experience, social media and a blog. The desired WordPress template did'nt deliver the features needed hence a few modifications were needed interms of relevant plugins and CSS edits.

Work 3

BITVoxy Logo

Branding/Naming / Logo Design

The BITVoxy Brand and name is completely original ideation after was'nt available.
The logo was created in photoshop using a mixture of the bitcoin symbol to represent the brands bitcoin influence and a signal wave to represent the media/marketing intent.