World2LC Statistics


World2LC Statistics

April 8, 2011 General 0

K, so in my event that the blogs messaging system was malfunctioning i was sending stats i retrieved about the blog hence i thought it would be a great time to mention the overall stats from memory, which at times can be bad so i am planning a more analytical one for the future.
here goes, Lets start with Demographics which is Remarkably dominated by Hungary followed by Jamaica, United States in Majority. And Minor countries like Iran and Brazil to memory. In pageviews The first post dominates with 4 visitors reading/perusing. In the area of referal we have sites like Facebook,Blogengage and Twitter just to point out the ones that stick out the most. And ofcourse Twitter and Facebook dominated. I would like to thank the readers and hope the continue to be readers cuz z Future has a lot instore for this Blog pointing to the fact that Launchs of LSYahja International Inc. Online Products and Services will be kicked into High Gear Starting with Yahja! DIR, for Pointing.


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