Web Mobile n Reading Experience NCOL INC


Web Mobile n Reading Experience NCOL INC

April 23, 2011 General 0

Ok, Next Phase of Thesis(u can call it a Life Thesis).
By the Time of My Switch to Netcom my Brand Lofio had already morph from meaning Lancam to Lenmer to Lenmer Online Free International Organization to Just being Called LOFIO. While enduring the Netcom Experience i joined Mail.com, Facebook, live.com, Tagged, All Google Programs/Products/Services, Twitter, Youtube, Found WordPress, learned about Domains, learned about web hosting, found Wikipedia, found and Played Cybernation, Found Evony, Found Miniclip, Found out about earning Cash Online, Read about how people viewed Jamaica, Found out the Web is powered by Advertising much like The Media Form it is, Discovered that not many websites of Yahoo/ Google/Facebook/Msns calibre lead the caribbean or are in the caribbean, found out it was as much as easy with finance to organize companies like these with the knowledge of Web Scripts, Found An online Community of Caribbean Start ups via KingstonBeta.com and may its Meetup in due time, found out there were Tech blogs and caribbean blogs like Geezam, SiliconCaribe, Webmaster-Success, Sandorpanton.com, Ingridriley.com, yaadinfo.jamaicans.com, Gordonswaby.com, Claja.com/blog and Dancehall.mobi, took part in the existence of a Jamaica Blog Awards, Gave consultations of opinion/ideas to The Mediafraternity.net, Claja.com, Truujam.com(which has being disorganized in my view), CollegeRadio, Jamlink.com, developed a keen skill/eye for great looking website, visit and read the JamaicaObserver.com, Star-jamaica.com, Jis.gov.jm, Gleaner-jamaica.com, discovered jamaica had its own domain extension, visited and used webs.com, Page.tl, dot.tk, co.cc, developed a keen skill for Social Media, Know the Meaning of Web 2.0(which is my belief some people definately dont know), Visit and Read Mashable Mobile/Web/French()you can tell i love their articles cuz i dont even read/understand French).
by grade eleven its possibly logical to say i read a million things on the Web, i visited Billion pages, LOFIO turned LOFIO INC turned LofiosSpace turned Lofiospace Inc turned the Current New Caribbean Online (NCOL) Inc, i have developed a keen sense of reality for the web.
therefore i thank the Web and God most of all for what it has taught me and look on what i will use it for in the next years as i look to the Vision of their being "A Great Caribbean Online/Internet/Software/Media Company/Corporation that will make the Caribbean A Proud Force of the Global and Caribbean Intrest". Big Goal even if most caribbean use of IT is in need of being more diversely used or in other words of being used. Therefore its with this hope that NCOL Inc can be recognized even in small/medium Online Knowledge.
I can see the Yahja! Info page now, Ps. I time you will know whats Yahja! Info and Much More as a prepare a blogger Official company blog to get the info out for those who want/need it.

let me move on to other ideas for the weekend…


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