Vision 2013: Good Bye 2012


Vision 2013: Good Bye 2012

December 25, 2012 General Technology WordPress 0

2012 has been a fundamental year in history with the efforts of Usain Bolt and other Olympians who mad their mark at the London 2912 Olympics and The records Breaking Gangnam Style. There is no doubt that 2012 was both a year fill with its share of both good and bad. It was also in this year that i made the big shift to the WordPress Dot Com platform on point that it was more friendly to use and has better functionality that its Blogger/Blogspot competitor(a switch i would endorse anyone to make if Google Adsense isn’t an issue).

I started out the Year with a blog post titled My Tech Predictions 2012 and Happy New Year which made some major Prophetic visions, predictions and Promises. Yet again it is time to make my list of news resolutions but before i make my new list, i would like to take the time to go through my 2012 list of items in this blog post.

Let me  start of with The Personal Predictions…. or i dare say promises which were made in Happy New Year:

  1. Jamaica’s anniversary did have its great moments during the Olympic period and even controversy’s. The celebrations Where great even thought greater organization could have been done to really capitalized on the opportunities.
  2. The Olympics made great momentum even as local problems with coverage being on what i know as one the best stations CVM) which were all aim at the station not covering the right cross-section after receiving its exclusive licences to broadcast the games. It even help with the push of CVM’s Removal of the CEO but other than that the games were great not to  mention the opening ceremony which in one word was EPIC.
  3. on the matter of a suspected Apocalypse, Only four days from this event am I have read that the matter was brought to exaggeration and now scientists have found a scroll of sorts which brings this whole event as pointless. Here is the Article if your interested on that one:
  4. The Peoples National Party has done…. nothing in my words to cover the momentum the created after the elections to make a big difference from the previous administration. Pointless Promises and Over exaggerations to the point of craziness from people…. and i will leave this at that.
  5. OK.. So i am still at the point where my blogging has not been increase although one might say the quality of the selection of stories has improved in part to my education in writing. In 2013 it is my promise that this Improved increase in blogging will be a true event due to my…. OK  you will learn more  about that in my next post which is gonna be titled Vision 2013 : Resolutions and Predictions.
  6. my dream project has not start and was only planned out to the tee this year and should move on into 2013 although some events of this year did improve the likelihood of a very early Alpha Access to the project and there was 3 month access of the Search Engine Module of the project via the now non-functional

and that covers that post.

art the start of the year i made some major tech wise predictions and now i will be skimming through Google(and maybe even WordPress:) ) and what i know has happen since i didn’t have much reading of my tech sources hence i will be fair in my better judgement below:

1 Google Launching a tablet under $300

Prediction Grade = FAIL

I have yet to see this unless you talking about buying the device on eBay or even through a attached data plan… Even with the Acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google. All that Said this Article might strike and interest yet:

2 Google’s Continuous Expansion/Improvement of its overall platform and Amazing Acquisitions

Prediction Grade = TRUE

It is in this month that I can point to the development of the popular dubbed XPhone being developed by Google to compete with other phones has been a fundamental importance in point for the acquisition of Motorola mobility which with other acquisitions like the facial recognition technology company acquisition which put this prediction on par although quite self happening anyway.(Putting everything in one sentence is an unstoppable habit of mine)

3. HP WebOS being sold or scraped

Prediction graade : Un-Graded (You tell me)

Throughout the year i have not heard a word about WebOs but Give me one sec to seeowhat the Power of Google Has:

Since its debut in 2009, webOS has had a faithful following of users and developers. HP has opened up webOS to the Open Source community to further innovate this web-centric platform. Learn more about the next generation of webOS by visiting our Open Source project sites for Enyo ( and Open webOS ( .

I would make that out as a great opportunity For Open Source Users Everywhere and make that out as being scraped the alternative way… Open Source.

GReat Detail Provided via Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS

Facebook Passing  Billion and Facebook Messenger

Prediction Grade:  TRUE

Facebook Reached 1 billion active users on Sept. 14 2012 according to a sheet posted by Mark Zuckerberg Himself. I have used the Facebook Messenger and it is a really great experience with the functionality.

5 Yahoo Buy WebOs, Sold off piece by piece, redefined or/and Crash

Prediction Grade: FAIL, Fail in part, True and/or FAIL

No, Yahoo didn’t by WebOs as Predicted although there new focus on mobile pushed by Marissa Meyer would put them in a shoe to want proprietary ownership if they choose. Even thought Yahoo hasn’t made(Yahoo Beats Earnings Estimates With Narrower-Than-Expected Revenue Decline) any profits it not being sold off in pieces although they did Yahoo sells chunk of Alibaba stake for $7.1 billion which would put my case into strong point that it has start to happen and the push might be around the corner if Merrissa Feels, after board considerations of course.

Yes Yahoo has defined itself in a new way thanks to the great and god sent event of Merissa Mayer being the companies CEO after much lackluster with the previous CEO and No the company didn’t crash. The Company now Defines itself or i should say from the eyes of Merrissa as :

Mobile came up repeatedly during the call. “Some point in the future Yahoo will have to be a predominantly mobile company,” Mayer acknowledged


And that Makes my arguement

Caribbean Startups Strike At Success

Prediction Grade  = True

Caribbean Startups have been very thriving although i would wish to see more thriving … events but in 2013 i will find out more.

Amen, Now On to the New Year and i Promise I won’t be making any Tech Predictions since i am not well at predictions… at times.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

Sorry again for not including pics…. i promise to add some soon




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