The LS WebSearch Engine No. 2


The LS WebSearch Engine No. 2

March 11, 2011 General 0

Idea/Recommendation No. 2 – Mobility/Mobile
my belief is if you intend to make a Product you must intend to make an available Mobile Version or Portal. Mobility in My Books does not include the IPads, Android Tablets or Any device in the size Range but those Mobile Devices that deserve. Therefore Making A Search Engine Mobile would include – A Mobile Version of The Search Engine, Innovative Mobile Apps that Aid In Search Via API, Including other Mobilized Products in a Mobile Portalized Main.
Devices/Compatability of Aim Are Nokia/Symbian, IPhone/IOS, Android, BlackberryOS, J2ME (Java) enabled Devices and other Undervalued or Lesser used/Popular Devices. As Previously Stated in the Social Media Recommendations there will be a Search Database of Mobile Websites added that the social Media features of the web version will be carried over.
i trust That every Service/Person has Learnt that Mobility is an important feature an internet based Product should have complimented with other products to keep the vast Opportunities Mobile traffic has to offer. Lets face it we all have a mobile device and we wouldnt want to use a Laptop to search for certain results in certain spaces hence Mobility should Always be an Important Aim If You Want To Provide A Service that Crosses Borders/Boundaries in Provision therefore leading to Profitability, Traffic and the Unforseens.
i intend to Take the Mobility Factor into Consideration and importance when coding my search and i Concernfully Recommend this suggestion to Truujam and any Online Products.
Yours Thoughtfully,
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