The LS WebSearch Engine Intro


The LS WebSearch Engine Intro

March 10, 2011 General 0

Here Goes My Series in a couple of minutes here on World2LC Titled The LS WebSearch Engine, which are Ideas for my Search Engine and Reccomendations to some Search Engines.Ps., Jamaicas first So called Algarithemic(Grammer/Spelling) Search Engine.
As few may know i am planning on starting Jamaica`s First Originally Coded Search Engine to Caribbean Content(and Possibly the World/Global after some consideration) and the maybe even the Caribbeans 2nd Custom Coded Search Engine. Search will not be limited to Web, Photo, Video, News, Blog, Local, Map, Shopping, Kids, Classifieds, Wikis, LSDIR and Mobile many others.
yes this Is a hectic task at hand but i am persuaded By Donald Porter who coded on his own on the Belief that we as a Webmasters/Developer/Techtrepreneurs E.t.c. of the Jamaica and the Caribbean Should not rely on Free/Premium Available Scripts/Source Codes But Should Instead Create Our own. I intend to follow that vision though Open Source Scripts will aid the development as a Learn PHP/CSS/HTML5/JAVASCRIPT/SQL and whatever creating all the features to be suggested in this Series. Yes i cannot do it alone hence itend to invite Jamaican/Caribben Developers to Assist so that Version 0.1 can be Tested. With High Hopes Please Keep It lock to the Series as it goes along. Anyone hoping join the LS Search Project Team of creating the LS ???? (thats a Secret Few may already know) Search Engine contact @Lofiospace and @Vishtany on Twitter. email or/and Or/And call 1 876 539 1319 (LIME JAMAICA)


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