The future peaks AGAIN


The future peaks AGAIN

April 20, 2011 General 0

Wow! Another day of hype over leaving an instution. For those who know where they are heading in the near future its a great undertaking while those like me see the effects, Side Effects, Trouble and shame this will cause to many. Anyways i will just have sit back and see my predictions come true which i have wierdly done for the last years or so.

I am Looking on the itention to enroll in the University Colledge Of The Caribbeans Degree in Business Administration which is being offered at a Half price Discount to all SCHS Students Past and Present. Still expensive in the end i would presume but i guese i will have to get alot of applications filled out during August-January.
Let me give a Temporary List of Apps and Undertakings
I have
TRN Apps
CSEC Private Course Forms
Bank Forms
Student Loans(if need)
UCC App Form
UWI EC080 Remedial Mathematics Course(if needed of course)
Getting School Transcripts
CSEC/O Level Math Class (if needed)
6th Form Application(if i am very fit for the requirements after CSEC Results)
and Life can only stress the rest
i can only say i have a long road to take routes of Walk/Drive/Train/Bus/Taxi.


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