The First Omm


The First Omm

March 4, 2014 General Review Writing 0

: My first two minutes with Ommwriter D...

[video]: My first two minutes with Ommwriter Dana II: wickedly relaxing text editor. Thanks to @julien for the heads up! (Photo credit: BenLucier)

So this post is just to note that I bought a software called Ommwriter Dana II which should improve my writing of various books, stories , blog post and marketing material I happen to prepare daily.
So far I have happen to write the following mumbo jumbo as a test of how useful it is and I have t to say I have to give respectful judging where this software is concern.

“Somewhere beyond the tiring evolutionary climb. tony scott would become… the fittest.”

After a month , you might all be able to judge how more productive this software has made my writing…
I will have a small story based on another set of mumbo jumbo for testing out the experience released next week or couple days from now.

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Ps. I wrote this with Ommwriter Dana II for Windows
stay tuned for more World2LC, A Break of Opinions and more from LC



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