The Family


The Family

April 15, 2011 General 0

Social Studies Study Points
NB. I Have Huge Trouble Remembering the Whole Individual/Family and Some Parts of Individual and Society Topic[s] therefore points are in Bullet format.
X The Family is defined as … Being a group of individuals who are intimately related, Living Under The Same Roof, Supporting and Maintaining each other Socially, Ecomically and Emotionally. Ps. Thats A Direct reference from a book therefore creating a Definition of Your Own based of the answer would be better.
X Families begin by the Process of courtship that waybe done in the Adolescents period Characterized by Very Powerful And Strong Sex Drive.
Courtship can be done through an Arranged Marriage{Parents choose a Spouse for their Son/Daughter}, "Shot-gun" Marriage{two people are forced to marry because of occurance of Pregnancy}, Marriage of Convenience{Marriage because of Wealth, Status or Position},Family Tradition{In Some Families when a spouse is dead the Surviving partner is married to the tost Eligible family member of the Deceased} and Elope{Two People Elope and either Form a Common-Law Relationship or a Legal Union}
X Family Planning is done by the use abstinence, rhythm method or safe period, condom, birth control pill, vasectomy and Cervical Cap.
X Functions of The Family are Reproduction, Educational, Economic, Affectional, Cultural and Socialization.Parenting is the cornerstone of society
X Family Types are Nuclear, Extended, Sibling Household, Reorganized and Single-Parent.
X Family Unions of the Caribbean are Legal Union, Common-Law Union and Visiting Relationship.
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