Study Notes, Secrets and NCOL INC


Study Notes, Secrets and NCOL INC

April 15, 2011 General 0

Personal Study Tip i am taking is never always read alone but also write it hence i will be bombarding the blog with short notes, especially in history. Added That i have being taking a very reflexive look at all Caribbean Internet/Software related Companies i have clarified the Need for a Yahoo/Google/Facebook company and therefore even more motivated to go at my plans of Trying / Doing it My Self. Reading about the Caribbean Integration Movements going way back as the West Indies Federation has given rise to my planned Oparational name of New Caribbean On-Line Inc (NCOL INC).
Now on the topic of me reading some quiet remarkable and revealing stories that front my claims and create ideas in them selves. I Love the Zest Convenor for the New Nations Coalition has for being true to the truth and been a real person in my view in a role that in recent/and far back has/is scared by bad actions seen and unseen. So Yes We are Black Jamaican Humans but why do we have to be this way? Many know what i am talking about but its unfurtunate that only time will tell if the will be a Change Even If The Belief Of Coruption Can Never Be Broken Depending Where You Sit and Who You Are.
But As I Said On Facebook Once And I Will Say it Again Here But Sort Of With A New Wording, Yes Secrets might not be know today but Trust that Not Every Secret will Be Set as A Secret For Long Even If That Secret Takes A Billion Year To Get Out Hence Be Very Considerate With Secrets.


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