Study Notes Intro and JBA Goal


Study Notes Intro and JBA Goal

April 15, 2011 General 0

NOTE WELL! This A First of The Study Notes Slated to Storm this blog 24/7 for the April-June Period with an ending of A $100 Credit Giveaway. Notes will be coming from The Areas of English A (Intrest But The Story writing is a bother, what can i say i Lost my imagination after years of being Real/Practical), Biology (Hate Ever Since Primary School but has intrests here and there on the Subject), Caribbean History (which i have high Intrest In), Social Studies (Also has high intrest but expectations are Low), Office Administration (Which i Never Choose But was Given to me in the Space of Information Technology, which i hope i will endursed on my resume by 2012-13. I also grown to Like a Few Areas) and…….. Electronic Document Preparation Management(EDPM)(Where i can find the Little/Smallest Notes Cause its Technical).
Speaking of Even Continuing to Write Blog Posts i am reminded of my initial Entry of my full fledge blog for entry into the Jamaica Blog Awards 2012 but that wont be possible as Planning sees the blog going beyond its Summer 2011 deadline hence i am making it my point of making sure is on the Nominations for Jamaica Blog Awards Best Personal Blog For 2012… Lets hope those Plans Do Come True Even As I Work òn The Proffesional Entry i hope Will be the Caribbeans Houghinton Post.
PS. Dont Mind My Spelling of the Houghfinton/Hougflinton/Houghinton/Houflinton Posts cuz Trust me its not possible to remember the correct Spelling if you were not Marking its Spelling in the first Place or working There /or with Someone with that spelling of a NAME.


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