Simone Review and Simone 2 Movie Please


Simone Review and Simone 2 Movie Please

March 20, 2011 General 0

So last nite i watched a movie titled Simone, at first thinking yea its a show about some girl only to realise its actually about a Director, Victor Tourentino who inherites a software from a computer Geek, or base on what he looks like a Mad Computer geek who dies due to the Eye tumour he got for creating the software. Respective of changes in Movie Direction Victor decides to put the simulation to work which turns a success. In an effort to cover this Simone which in truth is Simulation One from the Paparazzi and making them Believe she is real he does alot of intreaging stuff like use a fake to impose simone used an hotel, used a saterlite link to compose a live simulation interview. Due to the fact no one ever sees Simond and only think they have meet her everyone thinks simone is being controled by Victor who the also think has a relationship with Victor. In the end the cover ups get to him and he erases Digital materials of Simone and the use of a virus to get rid of it of the computer. he further anounces that she died by a virus with that being ironic refrence to fact however footage show him carry him a Chest which infact hold Cds and other digital properties of Simone which he dumps into the see but further down after his arrest at the funeral where the fined cardboard in the Coffin. He is further arrested on suspected Murder but his ex-wife and daughter recovers the computer holding the virus and restores simone. They simulate that infact Victor was just buying her time away from the media in a breaking news segment. Victor is freed and is family is united in an effort to continue simone in a new light. The Movie ends with Simone be simulated beside Victor Holding a baby with the Technical assistants to the Wife and daughters use of the SIM-ONE.
My Rating of this movie is a 8 out of 10 due to its comedic value, facts, and the ability of the Actors like Al Pacino who plays Victor to bring accross the role to life. My prospects would be on a part two due to fact that the last scenes make reference to Simone wanting to enter politic which would be a whole new showcase of Cover ups and the works. There would also be a family of Sims in reference to the Baby and Victors Ex-wife.
I dont see them making a Simone 2 but i would suggest it in light.


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