Shenseea Vybz Kartel Loodi affair – World Intellectual Property Day


Shenseea Vybz Kartel Loodi affair – World Intellectual Property Day

April 26, 2017 General 0

Today marks World Intellectual Property day. A day celebrating creativity and Intellectual Property rights.

I find it a very coincidental they whole affairs surrounding the Loodi affair goes right into connection with the day.
The Video

The say there is three sides to a story…

One side….

another side…

My opinion

I usually don’t share my opinion with the world on any matter unless extremely necessary but this seems like a entirely planned fiasco or a huge miscommunication within the channels of each party to the creative agreement of this long… more-so the members of the public.

There are those quick to judge this as a :

My opinion given the sequence of odd events, this is clearly a confusing fiasco. I can’t figure whether this was planned since the video in question was removed which hints at status quo before the fiasco went this far or as is this a clear miscommunication between the creative involved.

All facts point to both being true, Miscommunication lead to masses believing the song was “Stolen” which lead to the song being leaked with a caption pushed via miscommunications. Then there is the fact that “no publicity is bad publicity” hence this lead to a boosting of the existing song which has moved its YouTube viewing from a mark of 5 Million on April 21 2017 to well beyond 9 Million views.

Let us take these confusing facts that each party gives us as being the impression that “this is not a collab” giving weight to the whole factor in the vitality of this fiasco. Topping off the vitality is also the “she wrote the song” statement to add to the confusion.

As to Who is to be blamed in this fiasco? you shall clearly be the judge but terrible communication between parties can clearly create some of the most messy fiasco’s in existence to man Mankind .

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