Search Engine Recommend/Ideas #3-API/DEV


Search Engine Recommend/Ideas #3-API/DEV

March 19, 2011 General 0

Ok! so i almost forgot about my series on search recommendations and ideas for a search engine like the one i intend to code. You can see i forgot the title of the series but not its intent hence the subject for this Episode is Open Data and Development.
My belief is that open data creates an affordable and unselfish way of creating usage of your data in their development and if its search result data it should not be difficult.
Yes! Its logical that the would be issues of unauthorized usage but with Audits those trouble should be accounted for.
again yes this Data could be use by 3rd Parties to create Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Wat Eva the Developers mind can hold. Effortless making your data open to developers a great way to market and open up to your data so others can provide such data for their use on your terms of use which based upon legal fairness is another suggestion for another episode.
i think this gives my ideas and reccomendations for search engines and the search engine i intend to impliment on the idea of Open Data/Development.
Look out for next episode and do remind me of the series.


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