Search Engine reccomend/idea#5-GeoSearch


Search Engine reccomend/idea#5-GeoSearch

March 19, 2011 General 0

Ok that was number four hence why not speed up my Search Engine reccomendations and ideas hence heres number 5 – GeoSearch.
I think this is only a reccomendation to some but not necessary an idea to some as Searching to Timbuktwo via Google Maps, Yahoo Maps or Microsoft Web Mapping agents is easy but the fact is why use APIs for these services when the technology to host a web map server and provide searching for locations is openly available. I believe if you truely want to create an Independent search engine or anything boasting the word independent that you should try/do if its available to you what should be done and i believe hosting a map server is in this case the right moves if you can teach your self the knowledge. Sure you might not know the KML or GML languages like i my self dont know but teaching or even paying to get it done is the answer.
These reccomendations are fitting for my friends over at Truujam which still rely on APIs. Search and you will find what you need to make Geo/Map Search happen like i did and you will be surprise of the Web Mapping Solutions OPEN to you. I did my research and reading is only left up to combine this into search.
this might no be an idea but a recommendation to some however this should motivate you to use the true meaning of INDEPENDENT.
15 more episodes to go but keep reminding me at about the series and also keep it lock to the blog for more personal stuff.


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