SE I/R Series- No 5 The Portal/Main


SE I/R Series- No 5 The Portal/Main

March 21, 2011 General 0

SE I/R Series No 5- The Portal/Main
ok, so you are creating a simple service but trust me a compliment of services would do you better hence the idea of a Portal/ Main for all Services. Information on the latest news trends and a list of currents in the form of a portal helps to attract a considerable amount of Traffic.
not only should you acommadate a Portal for a Web Audience But Considering the implications of a mobile portal you should consider it at best to do a mobile portal.
This portal in my shoes would in Links to Service ( Blog, Corporate Site, Web Directory, Search Engine), a Search Bar of course, a suitable RSS Feed and of course making sure it has the Fair of a Web 2.0.Imagine you come accross a site that provides service like Yahoo or Google but the pages on look like some from the 1990s, What would your mind conceive of this dull website if you dont mind outdata web procedures? Hence a positioning to look/be Eye consuming and Update with your site. You cant be in the 21st century and your site doesnt suit when there are so many solutions out there that can help. In a case where you might just be a simple service hence you dont need or want a Portal, my advice would be to look and be updated with influence that if you have complimentary services then a Portal or Main is suggested.
NB. My Sites Tagline is "The Caribbean Portal" when launched. Take that as an insight and Disclaimer.


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