READABLE BSc. In Biz Admin./Management?


READABLE BSc. In Biz Admin./Management?

April 24, 2011 General 0

My adiction for reading in recent days has lead me to a book on Business Administration, Way out my league but reading through this book gives a real complex but logical view on management based on modern Studies. Its states that management is based on systems. Administration takes into account Planning, Directing, Organizing, Controlling all at a Common objective by The company therefore managing the company. There are chapters that go into detail on the Psycological aspects that determine decisions, Decisions are made based on Policies, Rules and Based on research the point at which the Decision is made. Some people know me to heart at Hating Math Like The Devil hating the Ways of God but the book Revised in Chapter…. Chapter 3s Corporate Planning Page 116-117 where it gives a great degree on accuracy. Never knew math could be explained so intreguinly in a book, of all places, isnt Mathematics a matter of Practice?
ok, i havent finish reading the book but its logical to say am gonna re-read it for the intreague but that i am sure to act as though i got a Bacholor of Sciences in Business Administrations/Management.
i will give more details as i go along.


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