Pokemon Black and White!


Pokemon Black and White!

March 11, 2011 General 0

I am an avid player of Pokemon when it comes to actually Playing the computer emulator base versions. Nonetheless not keeping up with the game releases after Pokemon Platinum i did not know the would title another pokemom game along the lines of colour nor did i know they would have another Pokemon Region called Unova, The last time i checked Sinnoh was the last region. There is even Team Plasma, the main antonanist. I dont know where i left off in all these updates but all i can tell is i have Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black and White to emulate on a computer at my convenience. I would definately recommend these new versions however i am yet to know the character nor the new Pokemons that are involved in this Unova Region, which i presume is modeled after an or final set of Japanese Islands/Region – i would presume above Hokaido/Sinnoh Region. With that said lets just see how all these new features will enhance the Adventure Experience.
NB. All the above was gather from experience with Pokemon Pearl/Diamond and Below but a fanatic attitude of keeping up to the times also helped where i was not clear in view.
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