New World Amerindian History


New World Amerindian History

April 15, 2011 General 0

Caribbean History Note
The Original People of The New World, Whether Amerindians,Mayans, Arawaks/Tainos, Caribs and Kalinagos were in Historical Point bombarded by the Europeans Justified by So called Religious and Racist Point of ideas and Beliefs. Believing that the Amerindians are SAVAGE and Should be Christianized is in it self Savage to the point of logical belief in the idea. Yes the Caribs were fierce at Defending the selves agains these Settlers but its recorded that many amerindians Tied in with the whole System Of Encomienda Died of Various Causes that wiped out their population on Various Islands like Jamaica.
Point Of Conclusion
These Amerindians of the New World Hold Importan Value to the New World today as the were Pivotal in organizing at a location the World Never Knew Existed. Their Nomadic Origin would lead them accross the Bering Strait into The Americas while it would Take Europeans Thousands of Years to Recognize its existence. No way shoul Christopher Columbus[i Wanted to Saw Chris, Imagine Chris Columbus, Nicer Name in My View] boast Finding the New World as it was not lost but what he should boast is being the Point of Communication to Enlighten Europe On the Virtually Unimaginably Untouched European Frontier where the could boast Gold, Glory and Religion.
Personal Point of Ending/Conclusion
it would prove to reading that Amerindian Sociaties deserve the right to be called the First Settlers of the new world but onfortunate to say History from the point of the source is Bias… WHAT A WICKED WORLD, i might add.
NB. This will go over into my notes on European New World Conquests/Settling.


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