Need a Developer


Need a Developer

April 28, 2011 General 0

Those of you who are frequent readers of my blog will realize the constant mention of A search engine dream, its clear this dream is far from being a reality hence i declaration for any interested developer who would be will to assist and become a member of NCOL INC. or an agreement.

OK! here i am again back at squire one in concern to creating a search engine.
developing something unique is nothing of ease, even with instructional and guides,therefore stressing th need to make it a project and work with a developer.

Therefore i will be in search of a team who would be dedicated at creating that vision of a Caribbean Search Engine of a unique difference. it might also be a great time to state the need for funding, a hard finder at the time thought that will be fixed in time if not through sponsors.

the benefits of creating this search engine are not much different that Join a Google, yet the team will be faced with the trouble of making a vision come true or i should say come to light.

So i will be looking out for entries for those who are interested.

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twitter @Vishtany

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