My Views Round Up:Electronic Print, The Iron Lady


My Views Round Up:Electronic Print, The Iron Lady

August 15, 2012 General 0


This is a series of posts expressing views in general. This will be a round-up of views.


Electronic Versus Print


I recently read a blog post over at –=- which stresses the need for one to use electronic books because they are more available. Sure the views are great on the point that electronics has made reading more expandable and tech centric but the role of print will continue to lay an important role as there will always be the need for physical books due to the reach they have thought the offending blog post gives the point that many book shops are closing their doors and giving electronic books why they are closing.


The Iron Lady Review

Believe you me when i first heard of the Movie Title Iron Lady, I did not know it would evoke such high emotional connection to miss Margret Thatcher’s role in English society. The movie showcases a biographic interesting power of Thatcher’s decisions and how society can have bad judgement of leadership especially in the Feminine light when not in their shoes. The most emotional part of the film being when Thatcher had to resign and leave Downing Street which left me literally cry because I felt the emotions of the moment which was in fact touching to the very soul.

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