My Tech Predictions


My Tech Predictions

January 10, 2012 General Jamaica Technology 1

2012 The Year 2012 no doubt was a very successful Tech year but while others ponder into the mode of reflections on 2011. We do this every time a new year set in… we predict another glorious Tech Year with amazing Psychic connections from bloggers who are themselves not sure at most of the predictions but who am i to judge because i too make such predictions.

So i spent the last few days of the year reading what other’s like Mashable, SiliconCaribe and even GeekWindow had to predict would happen in 2012.What i found amusing was the majority of amazing predictions that were presented. I would gladly share my ideas on them and others i hold right here on my blog based on my experience as a Tech Blogger.

Here goes my very long list:

  • Google Launching a Tablet Under $300

I read over at SiliconCaribe and one has got to give the dollar as this will definitely be reality seen as since India has the worlds cheapest tablet that amazingly runs on Google’s Open Source Android OS which could be a consulting inspiration for an affordable tablet. The fact also that Our world economy might take a continuing recession or worse another downturn then this price might seek at boasting Androids Popularity.  Another Fact that can hold this prediction true is the underlying event of Google’s Acquisition of Motorola Mobility which is the worlds top Mobile Phone and Tablet maker.

  • Google’s Continuous Expansion/Improvement of its overall platform and Amazing Acquisitions

It is logical to have this as a prediction but no one is yet to post this as a prediction as it i a must however i expect some changes to the Google overall platform that will come as likely shockers through the year.

We should all know by now that Google is known for its acquisitions of various companies and should add to these expansions/improvements of the site. one might see all users connected to the Motorola Mobility website in the future if all goes well with this deal. Don’t be surprised if you see Google Plus connected to websites as the successor for Google friends connect and also don’t be surprised for the surprising additions that might be added to Google Plus. On such addition maybe a chat bar which is connected to Gmails chat which may eventual mean more Google plus users.

One can also see the removal of Google’s age 18 limit of which i was affected by and which is unprecedented and holds a actor to why Google plus is yet to be widely used like Google. Google seeks to amaze us even more in 2012.


  • HP WebOS being sold or scraped

One would hold to the act that technically this has happened in HP shedding its division in charge of manufacturing devices using the OS however it is yet to see if the will sell it. many suspect Amazon To be the purchaser but it is yet to be seen what the would do with the platform since the  introduction of the Kindle Fire and Slate browser which runs on Android. Should they purchase WebOS would they be willing to commit to 2 OS’s therefore having a slate browser on the WebOS… hmmm, its yet to be seen if any of this will happen and therefore should be seen in 2012 if all goes well.

  • Facebook Passing  Billion and Facebook Messenger

Another  prediction read over at SiliconCaribe which i can say is very true bad in the facts stated on the story which sources Facebooks current usership at 800 million which further means that Facebooks penetration in places like the largely populated Asia and Africa will be necessary. It can be pinned on 2011 for the launch of Facebook Messenger beta due someone distributing it but The Launch of a Facebook Messenger will be seen as a way of pushing Facebooks Usership to a billion and also encouraging wide usage.

  • Yahoo Buy WebOs, Sold off piece by piece, redefined or/and Crash

Yes i know this one is bizarre but i see any of these predictions happening very soon if not in the far.

I know Yahoo is not in the sort of situation where it would want to go buy WebOs but look at it this way. After a restructures of Yahoo the Purchase of WebOS can be credited with being yahoo’s hit at the competitors. Then again i possibly could have gone too far with this prediction but we will see.

We can already see evidence of this happening based on reports but my belief is that the sale of Yahoo’s assets will have a daring result on it. The continuous redefining of on of the worlds oldest digital entities to the point where it doesn’t know its identity will result in a crash/bankruptcy that will make headlines if not in 2012 further  a in the future depending on how the sales and restructuring are made.


  • Caribbean Startups Strike At Success

Surely this won’t be the year Yahja Confirms its startup status but i get the Feeling some Caribbean startup[s] will be taking this year seriously and having taken 2011 serious by releasing a number of platforms, apps among others. My bones tell me there will be many world class products, apps and websites dreamed for 2012. The Hope also comes with this prediction that Developers, designers, bloggers, investors and others will make it their best to attend Caribbean Beta and Kingston Beta Events for 2012 as Caribbean Techies continue to Network.


All things said and done i am not God or an anointed prophet but these will come out somehow and might a well be added close to my new years resolution since i will be following up on these events via GeekWindow and YJBeat.


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