My Russian Ukrainian Crimean Invasion Opinion


My Russian Ukrainian Crimean Invasion Opinion

March 3, 2014 General 0

After my share Perusing of the news items on this pending Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, I am gonna take a Bold Stance and Agree with the Russians that Crimea and some other Ukrainian regions that should be owned by Russia or a New State in Russia. Others might take Deep Connection on Historical References and International Law but I am going on a fair judgement of the issue that will lead to further Dangerous Conclusion either way this fiasco goes.


Take a Look at Specimen A and Specimen B from the CNN.

Ukraine Specimen A

Specimen A shows the Linguistical(Yes, I made that Word Up) Distribution of the population Ukraine.

Specimen B

Specimen B shows the Political Distribution of Votes During the last Political Elections which was between a Successful Pro-Russian Candidate and a Pro-Ukrainian Candidate.

Now that i have my Evidence out the way, My Conclusive opinion. You can see from Specimen B that the Ukrainian Blue Area of 16 versus that of the Pro-Russian Reds 4 that should be conclusive evidence for the international UN to call for a division of these PRIME Russian regions to Russia or as a New Rusio-Ukraine.

Yes these are electoral division but they do give conclusive evidence to the reasoning that Ukraine And Russia Should Mediated Consider Talks.

I am not of the Agreement of Russia Taking over the Ukrainian Sovereignty but once has to take a Look at the possibility that this could end up becoming world War if some common ground is not laid down here and that common ground is conclusive division of these Red & Blue areas among Russia and a Much Smaller Ukraine. Yes, this will mean displacement for some but it would be a better option than Russian Going ahead with a possible future invasion of Ukraine that would the Removal of Ukraine from Existence as a Nation but would see a larger Russia with Strong hold over the EUs oil supplies.

From All accounts,The United States Of America does not have the Budget to start or engage in any conflict much right even the EU.

Final Words

I Clearly See a much smaller Ukraine in the Works if Russia get’s its way but i would be keen as the United Nations to make sure these Turn of events don’t Turn for the worst by Effectively Dividing Ukraine if Necessary to meet each parties fair Existence or in this case… Everyone’s existence.

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