My Experience Web, Mobile and Reading


My Experience Web, Mobile and Reading

April 23, 2011 General 0

Ok, i ask my self why not explain my intrest in the web from a personal point as it now stands as it ever so changes, therefore heres my Conclusion/Thesis/Report/Self Analysis.

It may come across logically by meeting me that i have an Avid Adiction to Reading, That even went as far as to create my love and adiction to the internet. My Intrest in reading Grew out of reading small books i could find at Primary school. Believe me when i tell you i must have read off most of the books that were to avail. By graduation the evironment had changed as people think i was adicted to the Computer, which gave me the little knowledge it did to understand a couple things about computers but in truth was not an adiction but intreague that morph into the now internet intreague. My first meet with the internet really began in seven grade with my search for Mobile,Or in other thinking Games. I found Mobile games on my own like AirGs Atomic Dove, Magic School, Art of Tyranny, Virtual books(lets take it i dont remember the specific name of what they called this) and Moguls. My discovery later lead to Cellufun which had games/Competions like Mobile Pets, Mining, Cellupheros, Fishing, Farming, Mobile wars and currently the have developed a lot more. I was (still is when i can) even an avid reader of Wikipedia Reader via, and other sites like,, Teachurs would ketch me in class thinking i was watching Pornagraphy much like others at the time when infact i was reading an article or taking part in one of the other sites listed previously. However i wouldnt Credit my Mobile Web Experience Much with where i currently stand as back the Then(and even Now) i was a frequent Visitor Internet Cafes. My first Internet Cafe Was CPS where i visited Millsberry very often, Developed a concept of What The Hells a Website, Got my first Email at Yahoo (Still my main email today at Lancec…[at]Yahoo[Dot]Com), Got my first website at exists but isnt used), got into social networks like Hi5, Gathered info on my first flash drive for Projects and assignments i ussually did from home computer. Then the Bad Customer Relations went into style that made it clear i had to go to their Next Door Competitors Netcom which i can say have always had a dedicated team even to this day unlike the disgusting behaviour which has been developed by CPS. Yea, its a Internet Cafe War in My Books, or in this case my Blog…Lol.
My belief is that Netcom gave me the space to really test web solutions and really understand what the web was/is really for without even crediting my mobile experience with Google Search, Yahoo Search and the Back then MSN Search.
i think a next blog post can give full contiuation of what i mean.


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