My Advice To West Indies


My Advice To West Indies

April 25, 2011 General 0

NB. I am Not a Fan of Any But a Concerned Hater of Sports. Disclamer i am a member/Citizen of the Caribbean.

What has Gone Wrong With The West Indies Cricket Team? A common Question not Just Coming from a hater of any sports but many. Has The Management gone bad or is the problem, based on the book i am reading i would best agree this assumtion. Is it The Proud Sponsors, Digicel Just getting to the head of Players. Have they lost the power to Organize, a pivotal Principle of management. Is Organzing turning into a critical issue, Another point leading back to management Principles. Has Support Dwindle, A Logical point. Has The aspect of playing for Fun gotten to them that even in my view the disagree with the We st Indies Cricket Board cuz they just dont like having too much Fun Losing for a useless Pricetag in their ideal.
What should or Continue to be Surprise, Supportive and Proud? My answer would be No Way but with the History of Caribbean Cricket and its relevance i would say be Proud and Supportive but i will never be happy with the Surprises, if in truth have no longer come to beknown as surprises.
Ps. You guys must a be in Aw how haters of Sports Could give such great analysis but in truth Sports is the Culture of The Caribbean and its Unites hence i have an intrest.


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