March 12, 2011 General 0

What is this i hear about Digicel Buying/Trading Claro Jamaica Assets?
I am Sure to us this might Slip as a regular deal but this event mind bugging when when thinks of the agreements etc. Based on reports The Digicel Group will Trade in Equity in the Value of its El Salvador and Honduras Asset in exchange for Oceanic Digital(Claro Jamaica) and Some Cash based on the Asset swap. If approved by regulators in Jamaica, El Salvador and Honduras this will in my view be a way of Digicel leaving those Markets and Claro Leaving the Jamaican Market with Digicel as king of Jamaican Telecommunications. I Can only wait to see if i will live in a two tier Mobile Telecommunication thought if this goes through it would mean an opening for two more competitors as there was already discusion for an extra.
approval awaits.


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