Investigations/CSI-Justin Bieber/JMTV


Investigations/CSI-Justin Bieber/JMTV

April 8, 2011 General 0

I have know for a while that i have an investigative mind at some things but some people might take some Investigations like just because the believe 'We Done Know Dat Al Ready'. Yes You know it but its not everybody who does cuz most if not all of us at times, if not all the times overlook simple facts in an investigation.
ok! speaking of investigations, i finally got to Watch The CSI with Justin Bieber in it however i am still wondering if the left off the part where he died in it as a read from a very Trust Worthy News Wire to the Jamaica Observer. My guese is maybe the gonna follow up on killing next season.
people dont take it as joke but when u got no cable in Jamaica u r left with CVMTV and TVJ hence u better enjoy what the Schedule, which at anytime could be boring, Entertaining, Informative, Stress and not to mention highly Censored by The Jamaica Broadcasting Commission.
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