I Love I Am Number Four – A Review


I Love I Am Number Four – A Review

March 20, 2011 General 0

So i might have watched this show 2 or 1 day ago but i think it deserves my review.
Tiled I Am Number Four and Directed by The Transformers Director Michael Bay. Yes i my self might be taken away by the fact that a director that brough or associated with so many comics or actions to the big screen. My review of data even before watching this show was a bad one due to the facts i was not in the shoes of seeing a preview and was only recognised of the title throug liking a major studios FB page and identifying the name Michael Bay. Now about the movie I Number Four.
Its cover tells of it being a New York Times Best Seller hence it must be an adaptation of a great book and the Theatrics does a great Job Of showing this. The Storyline starts with the Death of Number 3, where it further states that the are infact aliens from another planet that was taken over by these aliens who seek to kill these children who have found hiding on planet earth And each child has a protector. Therefore number four experiences influence of the death of number 3 will on the beach which chaotical ends with him and his protector having to a place called paradise. The aliens ketch up with locating him meanwhile he inherrites powers, meets a girl, try to keep his identity on a low and makes friend with a boy whos father was abducted by alians and an Avid UFO Watcher. Fights a sort of bully that underestimates him. The alians find them hence the death of his protector only the video of his beach experience ketchies up with him being showcased on Youtube. The fight the alians to the death inclusive of a beastial fight off between an alian beast and a dog that number four owns that can change into an alian beast in truth. Number 6 arrives on scene to help with the fighting. The show ends with the prospects of part two as they leave the Girl with the bully which now is his friend in Paradise to look for the friends father and the other Numbers who are the only ones/hope of getting rid of the aliens. The actor do a right fix in their roles and the movie is fine for me without complains of a great job and the fact that i am now a fan awaiting part 2 and giving this movie a rating of 9 out of 10 due to its intense action and though it need a little more… Nothings perfect i guese to me.
Thanks to actor Pittacus Lore for your great acting to bring accross the role and Michael Bay please continue to do your stuff.
hope you enjoy my first review but dont forget to leave your comments and keep posted as i keep you posted.


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