Happy New Year


Happy New Year

December 31, 2011 General 1
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Lets give a happy welcome to the year 2012. The year promised to be:

  1. The 50th anniversary of Jamaica which will be celebrated in high fanfare.
  2. The Year of The Summer Olympics in London.
  3. A suspected apocalypse.
  4. Another year under the Peoples National Party Administration.
  5. Another Year blogging and increasing the number of Blogging done.
  6. The Year i start my dream Project.

Looking back on 2011, The year will be a noted as unforgettable year for me in the fact that my blogging Activities increase during this year and also the fact that my popularity as a blogger has increased during this period…. and it is slated to increase come 2012. There are numerous posts that i wish i had made in 2011 that are doubt to be made in 2012.
All said and written it will be a very difficult year. Suspect my New Years resolutions in the next few weeks inclusive of some of the things discussed in this post.


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