From World2LC to


From World2LC to

April 10, 2017 General 0

I have gone through the process of migrating my blog post from to here at Lance

What is LanceCameron.xyx ?

This is my personal website and blog. As you can find out from a quick whois check, has been taken and have eyed the domain for my personal website.

Then came the New TLD wave which gave rise to new extensions as .Blog .gdn and more so .XYZ

Why .XYZ?

XYZ can cover generation X,Y and Z, Couple with the fact that XYZ is commonly used to refer to a generalizational grouping with a sentence. Case in point “”

The consensus was thus made to acquire and commence creating a small functional website to hold blog posts, portfolio, resume and all the stuff you need to learn about LC.




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