CXCs Online System


CXCs Online System

August 13, 2011 General 0
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OK! so i am among a large group of graduates who this week receive a preliminary result sheet of their results via CXCs Online Result/Registration System.
i am proud of the results received among the factors that a Caribbean organization dedicated to education certification has done so well at their job but the questions i ask in this post need to be address.

I will take them each at a time

What Hosting service does the CXC website use?

it is clear that the website is not properly enhanced so as to give it the  bandwidth needed for high traffic. the bandwidth need is sopossed to be in the region of a google or yahoo as the organization serves a wide community.
Does the CXC plan on changing online their system in the future?
it is clear that the current system is terrible as i had to explain to a lot of people that it only works in internet explorer. Now tell me which organization caters to one browser. this is the greatest downfall as we all know users all hate the Internet Explorer browser and even so the young generation who are using browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
Isd there any plan to updgrade the websites bandwidth in the future?
it can only become clear from my point of understanding that in the future if the Caribbean Examination Council wishes to make its users have a great experience on thier website andonline system then they need to provide the bandwidth space for use to have that experience.

Are you suing a ASP system?
the question has been answered but let me give the solution. Yes they use and asp system. i am aware that asp provides the simplest and widespread scope needed for a platform but in a world were users are moving away from the limited standards its better to find another system that would not be limited to Internet Explorer.

Ends Note
These Questions and Solutions can be done and should be done.
I am sure i didn’t cover all this issues/questions that are brought up on this matter and hope that readers with the same issue will leave them in the comment so these issues/questions can be so addressed.

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