Congrats South Sudan


Congrats South Sudan

July 9, 2011 General Politics 0

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i have done my research on sundan and its very compelling that thier independece celebarations is a suscess yet in my view thorught research there are any issues which need to be address before we cabn say a fully independent south sudan exists.
i myself congratualte a country of my continental ancestry reaceiving independence but these issues are starkly not addressed here and could see another war. the media outlets even report that regions are still in conflict… particularly over oil in my review as i can see.
i gladly mention how the pride of their national anthem is very interesting choice of wording and is indeed a prayer.

i gladly welcome them to the ranks of indepenedent natiion and hope them the best as the resolved the major issues which still exist. i think they desire a new ccTLD thats is not connected to the arabic sudan… thought the govermnet website doent make use of the domain which means they are un track to do this.

the governement communication and postal minstry even tells of the break away creations based on ict the intend to use.

its only left for time to see if these issues will be addressed

i have actually changed my profile picture to the new South Sudanese flag….. hopefully for all summer to commemorate this event.

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