Congrates 3rd Partys-NNC/MGPPP/NDM/Ind.


Congrates 3rd Partys-NNC/MGPPP/NDM/Ind.

March 17, 2011 General 0

I have been an avid follower of 3rd partys and i have to saz Congrats to the NNC on nominating Miss Betty-Ann Blane to a bi-election in South West St. Catherine. However my hindsight in concern to the point of a well contested constituency does not look great as the JLP, NDM, Independent Candidate and The MGPPP contests. The point that The PNP will not contest however means most of those votes will go behind the JLP, NDM or NNC as i see a fit with the Marcus Garvey Peoples Political Party as trouble.
the fact is there that many jamaicans have grown to dislike to MGPPP due to its actions and to the point that many jamaicans do not yet realise that the reason we have a political problem is the fact that we keep to this two party system which in my view is a potent factor to our problems of curruption and so much more. Jamaicans need to realise that 3rd Partys are what we need to get into parliement so as to let people who understand our stance as citizens of jamaica are truly needed. For to long we have played Hop scotch With these Two political party. Let us hope that in the name of reason people will push their vote for The NNC and make their campaign a success so we can true realise that we cannot leave our country up to the Currupted politicions who in most cases dont even experience what we as citizen go through or dont do what they were sent into office for.
For Democracys Sake i hope we open our eyes to the Light at the End of the Tunnel.
i will be by to give commentary to this compaign as information flows to me in natural order.


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