Career Options?


Career Options?

March 12, 2011 General 0

Life is Money? With that question that infact has a clear answer many of us chose our careers not thinking or Planning over. I am in the position of choosing a career yet i am bogged by words like Money, Lazy, Too Hard, Complicated, Addiction and others i would rather keep personal. Going through my final months in high School, unlike others i am still left with the question of what career should i chose.
k so my love for Reading Equals a Librarian but thats kind of a boring job in concepish.
So i would love to be a Journalist but my writing skills are in need of help, i fear my life for certain stories and though i am not a Money digging person i doubt its got the right salary.
My CXC Subjects Position me to be a Secretary but i dont think my love for typing a bit slow and making a lot of mistakes would go well in an office… That would be a disasterious office after my first day of typing late on deadlines.
I would love to do something in the line of Online and/or Marketing but again my fears on salary/wages kick in.
its a hard world and aspiring to be a Techtreprenuer is another story all to its self but i am yet to test preliminary Testing in CXC Information Technology for which i hope i will be doing in September along with CXC Mathematics and maybe Principles Of Business.
In The end i am still left to as a more improved Question, What Profitable, Suitable and Fun Career Option Should i aspire to be in this day and Age? You tell me my conclusion and i will tell you i am quite confuse. Anyway it ends herein i see a bleekish Future.


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