Bye Pagan Statue of Mother Mary


Bye Pagan Statue of Mother Mary

April 24, 2011 General 0

Its hard to believe someone of my thinking or Anti-Pagan sentiments would be Saying bye to Catholic or otherwise Pagan Mother Mary. Wow, what a world that if you hate Catholics and Catholocism you end up at a Catholic School of origin. If i am reminded well it was call St. Catherine Catholic High School back in the day when Nuns, Monks, Priests and Fathers were The Controling Force on a very Catholic Christion bringing. These days those thoughs and strong presence are lossened by having two holy Mary Statues on Campus, Christion Teachings in Principle, Visits by Catholic Priest during holy seasons, Ceremonies of Lent and Christmas, less presence of Monks, Nuns, Priest and Fathers in everyday life only leaving "Preces Et Opera Omnia Vincunt" or in other words of English and Not Catholic Latin "Prayer and Work Conquer All" so leaving muchly Christian Values.
Bye anyways to Holy Mary but Sad Byes to Christian Values. As a Verses in the School Song Goes "We Will Ever Hold Your Teachings, we will ever be true to you" "No Matter Where We Wonder, we will here be true to you, Prayer and Work Shall Ever Conquer While we Wear Your White and Blue".

Ps. The School Song is quoted from the top of my head hence a future Listing of the Whole Song Rite Here.


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