Bye Hosting Troubles,Hello FreeZoka?


Bye Hosting Troubles,Hello FreeZoka?

April 7, 2011 General 0

In recent months i have found a hosting fast enough to fix my Temporary free hosting problems of thd server being down or Installations moving at the paste of a slug.
Thats rite, its, which offers free hosting with the benefit of Unlimited Bandwith and Storage Space. The Support and service is great but i have a couple of issues i believe could be done better. One of those issues is the Variety to install, yes we live in a do it yourself world or a not Available Here/Today World but why certain Important Scripts are not available. Like Supports Scripts, EZPublish, Drupal and others amoung the very important.
apart from that the service is fine but time will tell the full experience as the about page mentions it was recently created, Specifally in March 2011.


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