British, BBC and Business Suits


British, BBC and Business Suits

April 23, 2011 General 0

Not that i am know to like the Culture of the British but i have got to confess My Love For The BBC when in my view the other radio stations have nothing to offer. I found myself listing to the BBC more than Once this week and will no doubt continue to do so. I dont necessarily kill my self over Fashion though i have an Eye for Formal Fashion but the BBCs Business Dailys episode on business dressing raised a few Eye brows where Eye brows were not even thought to be raised before. The Story goes to tell business suits are a global culture in respect to business but modern introduction of Dress Down Fridays and Formal wear has given rise to the question of what is more fiting. In my view the report clearly gives that depending on culture the answer can vary but business give an essence of communicable character and hence boast productivity while casual look could give a whole book of disadvantages. No one would want an employee, management of otherwise turning up Dress for a party, the circus, the Dancehall, a Polo Shirt, a shorts or others to work. The idea came across in the end that however you dress should be infuse with fashion and an awareness that how you dress has its dis advantages and advantages but business suits will bring across the best results. In african Kenya a culture of cool colors based on culture is effective while women have a wider variaty and are quite aware of these choice but the are those as reported by an interviewee that overdress and dont realize that the dressing makes them adverse in looks.
whatever i learnt from that report its clear i will be dressing quite intresting to business functions.

ps. Kingston Beta though not biz is a whole different matter as i will be as casual as i can be, Some people be saying its logical but for me its a point.


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