Being a blogger


Being a blogger

November 25, 2011 General 0
Citizen Journalism in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks...
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Its been a long time since i blogged via my blog here on blogspot but i hope i can fixed that issue by making scheduled post that make the most of my current and future ideas.
So the questions is how to take in the ideology of being a blogger since Its relatively been a few years… or should i say 2 years since i have started blog and its hard to believe where i am today.
All the hard work of research seems to be fun finding all that information and outputting it into a post that a reader might read or writing a controversial review. my reason for blogging is further quite clear in that  get a sense of pride when i seen the finished piece even in cases where i suspect it might not even get read. Thought if it ain’t read today it must be read in the future.
The review experience might not be worked up yet but i a sure you as a blogger i will reach there. I even go as far as considering myself a citizen journalist.
I still have a long way to go in the field of blogging. Its literally fun working with GeekWindow Editors and Finding the Next Piece at Yahja Blog and I will continue doing it.

My next post might be on politics so keep updated by subscribing to my blog.
hope i will continue blogging and don’t forget to leave your comments.

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