A Name/Brand Change?


A Name/Brand Change?

March 17, 2011 General 0

Claja Official Logo

LS INC Official Logo
A Name/Brand Change?
i am in consideration of Dumping my brand with on that has Ja in it, telling you it has to do with Jamaica as is done with the More Identifyable ClaJa, meaning Classifieds Jamaica. However dont be surprised to see LS-? INC attached as the official name of the company registered for ownership of properties of Operation and the operation in general. I can never dump a brand in the end hence this experience has persuaded me to add aspiring to be A Domainer and Brand Consultant. Maybe the skills might be usefull to some one. The name might come as a surprise to some in the future but you will gain a sense of Connection once its annouce.
In such an in time all Social Media Accounts for Brand LS will change over and a more decisive definition of the brand will be evident than with the previous.
over the years fostering brand LS though unknown to many has taught me alot about branding and in principle this rebranding will make the big difference on the brands intended use is meant.
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