A Great DIGICEL Live Anivesary Show


A Great DIGICEL Live Anivesary Show

April 20, 2011 General 0

Digicel Sure people Exited Last Nite With their Tenth Aniversary Live Giveaway Show. I cant say i didnt enjoy people not answering phones and making Drama and Comedy to our delight just by answering their Digicel phones. I would give advice to someone to take the advice from me and use the concept for a TV show as the Strugle for some to express something thats common knowledge is a shame to Human Kind. People if you own something made by a company then you better know a few general facts about that company.

I also Like to Congratulate Digicel Jamaica and the Digicel Group on the 10th Aniversary and wish them many more years along with a thanks for Entering a market that was in dying need of competition, Customer Service, Innovation and not to mention affordability, of Phones and Call rates.

Ps. NCOL INC is coming on Quite well with Designing, Organizing/Planing, Testing and Creation of Launchable Products and Service though Funding will continue to be the issue hence an ontime arrangement of the Temporary blog Home if funding doesnt work out.


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